About Us

As mentioned earlier, Adix Plastics offers a range of different products to suit the individuals' requirements. We currently have approximately 80 product lines and still more to come.

Our Mission is to, 'continue delivering quality products and services in a timely manner, with a combination of good prices.'

Our Vision is,'aim to achieve the best we can for all our customers, thorugh a combination of our efforts.'

The Plastics market in Nairobi is very saturated with several companies in the same field. However, we have a very good range of products to offer both to our existing clients as well as new clients to the business.

We are hardly short of stock and therefore most of our products are able to be delivered locally between 1 and 4 working days, on average. We have some unique products that other companies manfacturing in the same field don't have, which gives us a competitive edge over rivals, considering we are relatively new entrants into the market.

Adix Plastics have a motivated team and workforce who are at best, both, 'Hard Working' and 'Talented' .

According to the East African Customs Union (EACU) the Kenyan Manufacturing sector has the been the most developed in the region and there is room for greater expansion due to the enlarged market size, economies of scale and increased intra-regional trade.

The Management at Adix Plastics is proud to mention that they have captured a good market share with quality products offered throughout the East African region, despite the fact that they are relatively new entrants into the market.

We, as a company are more than happy to answer any of your queries or concerns that you may have. Please, feel free to use our 'Contacts' page for our Contact details.


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